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10 Watches 10 years

The Gentleman's Journal rates their favorite watches

The Gentleman's Journal brought us back to produce their watch series with expert Justin Hast. 

The Gentleman's Journal partnered with Collective23 to produce an exceptional watch series, in celebration of the publication's 10th anniversary. With the goal of engaging their audience and showcasing watch expert Justin Hast's top 10 favorite timepieces, the project was meticulously coordinated in a London studio. Collective23 captured the watches in the best light, while allowing Justin to share his profound insights on each piece. The series featured renowned brands such as IWC, Grand Seiko, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and Philip Patek.

The production execution involved meticulous attention to detail. Multiple camera angles and close-up shots were employed to accentuate the unique features and craftsmanship of each timepiece. In post-production, Collective23 skillfully edited the footage to create a visually stunning and engaging watch series. The result was a captivating blend of Justin Hast's insightful reviews, captivating visuals of the watches, and elevated production value through the incorporation of background music and sophisticated graphics.

Assets: video

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