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2023 Documentary Series

Collective23 director Oleksii Babenko embarked on a journey to San Francisco to produce a short documentary highlighting the Navier brand and its revolutionary hydrofoiling craft. The coordination involved meticulous planning, filming, and editing, with close collaboration between the team and Navier's marketing department. The documentary aimed to capture the essence of Navier's innovation and the beauty of the local waters.

Oleksii and his team scouted picturesque locations in San Francisco, considering factors like lighting and weather conditions. An interview with Navier's CEO provided insights into the brand's philosophy and technological advancements. Drone cinematography was used to capture dynamic aerial shots, showcasing the craft's design and hydrofoiling capabilities.

In post-production, the team carefully selected the most compelling footage and integrated the interview seamlessly. The result was a visually stunning and captivating documentary that successfully showcased Navier's efficiency, eco-friendliness, and outstanding performance. Oleksii's directorial vision celebrated the intersection of innovation, nature, and adventure.

Through meticulous coordination and creative collaboration, the team produced a remarkable documentary that effectively highlighted Navier's brand and its groundbreaking hydrofoiling craft. The documentary served as both a promotional tool and a piece of art, capturing viewers' attention without seeming self-congratulatory. It showcased Navier's commitment to pushing boundaries and creating a sustainable future for watercraft enthusiasts worldwide.

Assets: video

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