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2021 Music Video Series

Collective23 director Evan Hara collaborated with Atlantic Records to produce a captivating series of music videos for artist Eben. The objective was to create visually stunning videos that complemented Eben's music and conveyed his unique style and personality. The production took place in Portland, Oregon, and involved a dedicated crew of 12 people.

The shooting process was executed with precision and creativity. Collective23 utilized an Alexa Mini camera to capture the music videos, ensuring high-quality visuals that aligned with Atlantic Records' standards. However, the production faced challenges posed by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which required meticulous planning and adherence to safety protocols to safeguard the health and well-being of the crew and talent.

Despite the challenges, Collective23 successfully completed the production, delivering a series of music videos that exceeded Atlantic Records' expectations and satisfied the artist, Eben. The meticulous approach to editing and color grading played a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal of the videos, ensuring that each frame perfectly complemented the music and showcased the artist's talent.

To enhance the storytelling and create captivating visuals, Collective23 incorporated animation and visual effects into the music videos. This added a dynamic and immersive element to the overall production, elevating the artist's vision and providing a unique visual experience for the audience.

In conclusion, Collective23's collaboration with Atlantic Records for Eben's music video series showcased their expertise in capturing the artist's essence and translating it into visually stunning videos. The production in Portland, Oregon, with a crew of 12 people, demonstrated their ability to execute projects seamlessly, even amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. The tedious editing and color grading process, along with the integration of animation and visual effects, contributed to the success of the music videos, leaving both Atlantic Records and the artist, Eben, delighted with the final result.

Assets: video

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