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2023 Craftsmanship Series with Gentleman's Journal

The Gentleman's Journal brought us back to produce a series for Aberlour Whiskey, highlighting craftsmanship across five iconic British brands. 

The Gentleman's Journal invited Collective23 back on an exciting project to produce a docu-series celebrating British craftsmanship, sponsored by Aberlour Whiskey. Each film focused on bespoke custom-made products within the United Kingdom, highlighting the richness and quality of English-made goods. The series featured iconic businesses such as Henry Poole, Crockett & Jones, and Ettinger, which have been deeply rooted in England for generations.

The Collective23 team traveled across England, filming in the factories while ensuring minimal disruption to the workers. Their small-scale production approach captured the skill and dedication of artisans creating these bespoke products, bringing authenticity to the episodes. Adhering to Aberlour Whiskey's high standards of video production and branding, the team crafted visually stunning episodes that showcased not only the products but also the stories of the craftsmen behind them.

The docu-series received widespread acclaim, captivating viewers and fostering a deeper appreciation for British culture. By highlighting the craftsmanship of renowned brands, the collaboration celebrated the unmatched quality of English-made products and emphasized the value of preserving traditional techniques. The sponsorship from Aberlour Whiskey further enhanced the impact of the series, creating a seamless integration of the brand narrative and deepening the connection between the audience and the showcased craftsmanship.

Through their partnership, The Gentleman's Journal, Collective23, and Aberlour Whiskey successfully showcased the richness and heritage of British craftsmanship. The docu-series not only engaged audiences but also fostered a broader appreciation for bespoke, English-made products. By capturing the mastery and stories behind each item, the collaboration celebrated British culture and underscored the enduring legacy of traditional craftsmanship in the United Kingdom.

Assets: video

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